Hitting Rock Bottom

It was my sophomore year of high school when I went through a sadness so strong that it hurt to wake up everyday. I loved Jesus but hated the life that I was living. It took me hitting the absolute bottom to figure out how to pick myself up again. While I was about to run my car into a wall, Jesus opened my eyes. He gave me the grace and forgiveness to start my life over. So I did. I focused on myself and who God wanted me to be.

Almost a year later, my cousin gave me a key for Christmas. It said GRACE. Not even knowing my past, he gave me such a wonderful gift that filled me with hope everyday. Earlier in that year I had been to camp with a girl (Emily) who had a story similar to mine. Her story inspired me to be a better person. After wearing that key for about 7 months, I decided that Emily needed the message that that key had given me. I wanted her to feel the grace that I did, and know that it is with her everyday. The moment that I gave her the key was so special and it is a moment that i will always remember. 

Thank you for following your passion to do this. To start a business that allows kindness and love to be spread throughout a world that has forgotten about the very nature it was built on. Thank you for following a beautiful dream. I love y'all.

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