She Exudes Love

I chose to give my LOVE key away to my friend, Colleen, whose actions consistently point to this word. She is truly the most talented, successful and legitimately “busy” person woman I know, yet she also never hesitates to respond immediately with genuine love in action to the needs of those around her. This is the automatic way she lives her life & it is evident in her daily encounters with everyone. Despite all she has on her plate, she is always smiling, gracious, upbeat, thankful and focused on others.  

This year alone though, she has gone above & beyond for me twice. When I confided in her about a problem in my family, she immediately gave me what I needed the most...her time, ear, heart & prayers, along with hosting an amazing girlfriend get-away! When I ran into a specific need with a non-profit project, I knew Colleen would have ideas of where I could turn. Instead, this angel took the project on herself and saw that it surpassed anything we could possibly imagine! This was her immediate reaction of love for me and the people this project would benefit. I am so honored to have Colleen as my friend. I am also humbled & inspired by her example of putting LOVE first. I hope this key reminds her of how loved and appreciated she is by me & so many!