Strength Instilled In Us

My cousin, Courtney and I always get each other small Christmas presents. Two years ago, we found The Giving Keys, and decided the necklace would be that year's gift... We've done away with the whole surprise factor, we appreciate a solid team decision. 

Long story short, we live by the movie Cool Runnings. Not only because Sanka is our favorite fictional character in all of Disney, but because of one quote said in the movie about Strength; "You see Junior? Well, let me tell you what I see. I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody."

We (literally) sing this quote as we celebrate our successes and repeat it as we find strength during the harder times. This led us to decide on getting the "Strength" Giving Key. 

Our Grandma, was one of our favorite people. She encouraged our awful humor and taught us how humility, pride and power make a Strong Woman. Our Grandma and our family endured hard and tragic loses. For Courtney and I, we followed her lead as she resiliently remained strong. 

Last year she had a massive stroke. She lost much of her autonomy as she could not walk and most of her language was gone. She was only able to say one word, and used that word to express what she wanted to say. As a devoted Catholic, it was only fitting that the only word she was able to say was "Jesus." We would walk into the room, and she would say "Jesus & Jesus! Jesus Jesus Jesus?" Meaning, "Courtney and Colleen! How are you?" Lucky for us, her acting experience and emphatic expressions made it moderately easy for us to understand what she was saying. Now this, was the ultimate proof that her intrinsic strength could shine through anything.

As she bravely fought, she lost the battle a few months later. Courtney and I barely had to talk about it, as we agreed to pass our Strength necklaces along to her in her final resting place. The Giving Key helped us give back the strength that she taught and instilled in us. 
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