Collecting the Scars


FAITH means many things to many different people. Faith for me is trusting what you cannot see, believing in what you may not know at this time. Faith to me is most important when you have it within yourself. Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that every choice we make in this life is to teach us, allow us to grow, and mean something in the end of it all. All your anxiety, stress, doubts and sadness at this time has a hidden meaning, one you may not see right now. However, I have faith in you and your journey. I know we have not been friends for too long nor have we shared our lives inside and out with each other. What I do know is the person I see and that person is beautiful inside and out. The person you are is a strong, caring woman with great support in her life, from her husband and friends. The person I see is a great nurse, even if you are unsure of that at this time. A nurse is more than a career, it is an identity, part of who you are and that takes time to form and accept as a part of yourself. Even if you may not see it right now you are an amazing nurse. No matter what the outcome of this obstacle, I need you trust what you cannot see- to have faith that in the end your life is going to be exactly what you wished for. This bump in the road is to only make you a stronger person for yourself, your future growing family and any future obstacles. I have faith in you Jeannie, in your decisions and your strength. I hope this key reminds you each day to keep going and never settle. For as long as you have faith, things will all work out in the end. I pass this key onto you and hopefully one day soon you won’t need it anymore and your strong faith in yourself will help someone else who needs it. 

"Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises but collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it"- The Giving Key. 

Love always,

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