Love is Not Average

I don't have a heartbreaking story. I didn't get diagnosed with a disease that is lacking a cure. I wasn't given this key from a random person that I believe was an act of fate. For the most part I live a pretty average life with average day to day occurrences. But if I am sure of one thing it is that the person who gifted me this LOVE key is not average. She is not random. She is everything. She is a flash of light shooting across a dark sky. The kind that makes you drop everything you were doing because it's so beautiful and so breathtaking. She is that first breath of air you breathe after you've been submerged underwater for way too long. She is the warmth from the fire on your frostbitten hands. She's everything I never knew I was missing. She's so extraordinary in ways I could not begin to explain in words. I feel honored just to know her. I can't thank you enough for my key Alyssa. It represents you in the way that you unlocked so many great things in my life that I was beginning to worry I would never experience. Thank you for entering my life when you did and turning my world upside down.