She is Good Enough

Ashley gave me the key for my birthday, inscribed with one word: BREATHE. I wore the key nearly every day for the next several months. The day my eldest daughter graduated from high school, I knew that I would be handing the key over when leave her on campus for her freshman year at college. Some parents worry that their kids will make good choices in college. My kid has a high responsibility quotient. My greatest concern for her is that she will take time to play. She has a tendency to work very hard and hold her breath, hold herself to a very high standard and often make herself sick with worry about whether she's good enough. I could barely get the words out the day I handed her the key. I can barely get the words out now. I'm so proud that the investment has paid off. She is such a shining star and I can no longer take any credit for her accomplishments. I can't wait to hear who she passes the key to. (Deep breathe.)