Good Father

I was given a Giving Key shortly before I gave a keynote speech at the annual Breakfast for the Bridge in Dallas, which is a wonderful homeless organization that provides tremendous services for people experiencing homelessness. The key was given to me by Teresa  as a thank you for speaking, and it had the word HOME inscribed on it. She told me the idea of paying it forward, and she also told me it had been made by a homeless person. Two days after the event, I was wearing the bracelet at the funeral of the mother of a dear friend of mine. His name is Mike, and he used to work for me many years ago. But more importantly he and I have been part of a men's group together, and years ago he honored me with a token that expressed that he saw me as a good "father" to him, which completely wrecked me, as I have no children of my own. At his mom's funeral I was compelled to present him with the bracelet as a symbol of the good son he was to his mother. So while I didn't keep the bracelet for long, it had two big impacts on me. Thanks for doing what you do.