Make a Way

In 2014, I received a COURAGE key from my MOPS group. I have worn it almost everyday over the past year. This year has brought many challenges. I started homeschooling my oldest, who has behavioral challenges, and was also Co-Coordinator of my MOPS group, which doubled in size. I then started homeschooling my middle child this year.

In early September (2015), my Dad unexpectedly passed away of natural causes. There was no warning nor a chance to say goodbye. A little over 1 month after my father's death, my mother had to be admitted to the hospital for very high blood pressure that couldn't be reduced with medication. After multiple tests, the doctors found a large cancerous mass in my mother's right kidney. The good Lord was watching out for her & 1 fabulous surgeon stepped in, post-poned a flight to Chicago, & removed her kidney. My mother's recovery has been going very well but it has made the start to this new season of her life really rough & a bit more frightening.

My parent's 45th wedding anniversary was on November 14th (2015), only 2 months, almost to the day, after my father's death. My sister, husband and I made sure to share the day with my mom. I felt that the day needed to be honored & also knew my mom was having a hard time facing the day without my dad. So, I wrote her a letter.

I gave the letter & key to my mom to help her remember to have COURAGE in this new season of her life, that she is not alone, & that God is near and loves her & will see her through the dark & lonely moments that grief can bring, & to trust that He is doing a new thing in her life & "making a way through the desert & a path through the wilderness" ahead. 

The same day I gave the key to my mom, I ordered a new key for myself. The COURAGE key had served it's purpose, God had spoken to me many times with that message and even through all that's happened, I'm ready for what he has in store for me next. My new key says THRIVE and I'm ready to do just that!
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