Relax and Breathe

I received a gift card for my birthday from one of my best friends. I had heard about the Giving Keys, so I was super excited to order one for myself! I am a runner, so naturally I ordered the XL key necklace with the word "BREATHE" on it. I work in live television, so my job is always very hectic and busy. Putting this necklace on first thing in the morning would instantly help me relax and remind me to breathe.

I am still very close with two girls I went to high school with (many moons ago!) and had recently found out one of them was pregnant with her first child. I was very excited and happy for her! Unfortunately she miscarried. We sent flowers and offered our condolences of course, but I felt like there wasn't anything I could say to make her feel better. We all went out to dinner and she told us a little bit about her situation and how she was dealing with all of it. She said her and her husband wanted to go on a trip, just the two of them, to help clear their minds and just relax and be with each other. It was in that instant I knew she needed my breathe key. I was actually wearing it that day (I wore it all of the time!), so I told her the story about the Giving Keys and then took my necklace off and gave it to her. We all were sort of teary eyed at that point, and I knew when she put the necklace on that there was a very small part of her that felt a little better.

A few days afterwards I ordered myself another breathe necklace...because I just loved it so much! I think the Giving Keys is an awesome company!!!
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