Joys and Sorrows

Bowen was born on December 1st, 1995 and the first thing my mother said was, "there's something special about this child". Truer words have never been spoken. Bo has always been the sweetest soul and the most creative of children. When he was around 8, he wanted a mohawk…shortly after, pierced ears, and all the while, he'd carry a baby doll around as his own. Bo has always been a big thinker and carried the joys and sorrows of the world deep within his heart. He feels…I mean, he REALLY feels. He absorbs the energy of others, which can be really amazing, but also really depressing for him. He is an avid reader, deep thinker, amazing writer and tremendously talented musician. I chose CREATE, because at 20, I know he is just at the beginning of an amazing life that I know will bless many with his unique creations, in whatever medium that will be. I am so proud to be his mother and also his friend. I truly enjoy his company and often see things that only Bo would appreciate. He is an old and beautiful soul. I came close to losing him twice this year, but by the grace of God, he is closer to me and my heart, now more than ever. I hope when he wears this key, or holds it, or sees it, he remembers how much I love him, admire him and look forward to watching his life's work unfold. Happy Birthday Bobo… go CREATE! I love you, Mom