She is Always Loved

A friend of mine recently gave me a similar necklace from a very similar company as "The Giving Keys." I had just gone through a very difficult season of my life and was lucky to make it out alive. This friend had walked with me through it and had walked with me out of it, and into the light. She told me she had a gift for me but she was waiting for the right time to give it to me. It came a month later. She'd been praying about what word to give me for a long time, and showed up at my house randomly one night, with the necklace. I wear that necklace almost every day <3

Ten weeks ago, one of my best friends went into rehab. I am not able to see her until Christmas, when she comes home for 5 days. I'm the only friend she is allowed to see...then she goes back to rehab. After much consideration and thought, I decided to give her a similar necklace. I will give it to her when I see her over Christmas. It says "LOVED" on it. She's gone through a lot of crap in her life and I gave her this word to remind her that she's always loved. Always. By me. By her family. But most importantly, by God :)