Key of Peace

Kim Williams gave me a key of peace after having a brain bleed in April 2008 and almost dying to losing my son in May 2008 in a motorcycle accident. I have had my key since that time. 

I am just now feeling the need to share my key. I always thought it would be with another mom who lost a child but it is with a young mother, who is 27 years old, living in Germany, military wife, away from her mom and dad, who happen to be our preacher and his wife, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She will have a double mastectomy and go through chemo and radiation. She has known this about two months without her parents close by. That has to be so hard and it brought me to a place where when losing Joshua I wanted so much to have my parents to talk to and hold me. My dad had passed away and my mom has Alzheimer's. There are times, I don't care your age, when you want your parents. So for this young lady, I want her to experience God's peace. Her mom is flying over for her surgery, but she has a long road ahead of her and I give her the key of PEACE.