A Creative Change

I received my LOVE key bracelet for my birthday from my sister. She gave it to me as a gift. We had a party to celebrate my children's birthdays on Saturday, Nov 28th the day when she gave it to me. My actual birthday is December 1st.  

On December 1st, a good friend of mine Camille, watched the passing of her mother from cancer. Jan was battling cancer for a while and the past six months were very hard on Camille and her family. I hadn't heard the news that her mom passed away when I drove past her house on my way to an errand and saw a multitude of cars in her driveway. She hadn't let the news go out yet except to her immediate family. I knew. I knew her it was her mom. I sent a text to ask if everything was ok on my way to my errand. Her husband left a voicemail on my cell as I taking care of my errand, I didn't even listen to it. I drove right back to Camille's house and knew. The next few days were tough. I stopped by dropping off food, gift card, and just to say high. I was wearing my bracelet everyday since I had received it, and I knew that Camille needed it more.

On the night of December 3rd, I stopped over after a work event and the house was full of life - of friends. Her friends and a lot of people at her house helped her get through that tough week. I was sitting next to her at the table, when I took off my bracelet, and gave it to her. I knew she needed it. She needed to be reminded of the word LOVE, and how much her mom loved her and is with her. I hadn't even had my bracelet for one week and I knew in my heart that it was already time to pass it on to someone who needed it. I told her the background of the keys and also that there will be a time when she will have to pass it on. 

I'm already looking forward to buying the key "CREATE" to give to a friend of mine who is going through a creative change in her life. I love these keys and reading the stories behind them.
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