Through Faith and Courage Anything Can Be Conquered

I received my key from a friend I went to high school with, but due to the busyness of life, we don't see each other often & thankfully Facebook keeps us somewhat connected to what is going on in our respective lives. That being said, my friend has been able to follow my journey the past few years. Here is my story...I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, 2009 (I was 31). The two years that followed were filled with chemo, radiation, surgeries & reconstruction. I was clear of any evidence of cancer after my treatments. In December 2012, I found out my husband was cheating and just before Christmas, found myself to be a single mom. It was a challenging time, but one that I believed happened for a reason & picked myself up & moved on. A year later, December 2013, I was experiencing weird pain & went to the Dr. I found out that my cancer had come back in my liver, bones & abdomen. I quickly started chemo and within 8 months, there was no longer evidence of cancer in my body. I went on hormone therapy & happily moved on with my life. Well...almost a year later, this July, I knew something wasn't right & went to the ER. My cancer, once again, was back in my abdomen. I went back on chemo (yes, my 3rd time) in July & am blessed to say that my cancer is once again back under control. I am still receiving chemo, but I am nothing short of a miracle. I have been beyond blessed by God to receive the care, support & love from those around me & the healing power of his son, Jesus. I owe all I have to Him and I am grateful for everyday I get with my loved ones, especially my son. This key is a reminder that through FAITH and COURAGE, anything, even your greatest fear, can be conquered. Jen and I may not see much of each other these days, but she knows my heart and I, from high school until now, look up to her with great admiration.

Thank you Jen Pyle for this beautiful gift! I'm so thankful for the blessing you have been in my life over the years!


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