Strength for the Battle Ahead

I was given one of these special necklaces by someone I don't know. My best friend works at a boutique in Rocky River Ohio called Lovely Paperie. The owner Kate was away at a trade show and came across these lovely necklaces that had such a great message. While there shopping for ideas for her store, she thought about me and brought one home that had a message on it that said STRENGTH. 

This gift was one of the more meaningful gifts I have received, especially because I did not know this woman who gave it to me. You are supposed to pass it on and give it to someone else that needs it however I am choosing to keep mine as it means so much more to me that Kate gave it to me, I am purchasing a new one today for my new room mate who just told me about her 19 year old niece who has a huge battle ahead of her. I hope this young lady feels the same hope and strength that I did when I received mine.