"I Believe..."

My 31 year old daughter has been struggling with addiction for many years. It began with a dependency on pain medication and progressed to heroin. She was bright with a future to look forward to, however would not admit to being an addict. She had tried several attempts at beating this addiction but always seemed to turn back to the only way she felt she could go on. I had told her often that recovery would not be possible until she BELIEVED she was not bigger then this disease. Last month the day arrived I received a call for help from her. She was homeless, high, physically a skeleton of her self. She had stolen from her roommates and friends that had always giving her a hand when she needed it. She was being arrested for selling property she had stolen. I had wanted to buy her a key to give her encouragement for a long time. Finally I believed this was it. I wrote the following to my daughter who is in a rehab center.

I BELIEVE you have come to the conclusion you are not bigger then this disease.
I BELIEVE you have the strength and will to rebuild your life.
I BELIEVE that God gave me the strength to be there for you reached out for my help.
I BELIEVE you will not only succeed but will flourish as the good person you are.
I BELIEVE you will pay forward someday by helping other addicts as a mentor since you have always had compassion for anyone who needed help.
I BELIEVE you will pass this lock someday to someone else who you believe can overcome any situation they are facing.
I BELIEVE in you and love you and know you can do this.