They Brought Me Back to Life

In 2012 my dad committed suicide. He was a huge part of my life; my best friend. 
I knew he had his struggles in life, but anybody that knew him would never guess that he would take his own life. So to say the least, it was a surprise. I've been down before, but after that I was more broken than I had ever felt. I was defeated.

After a couple years of numbness, I was starting to get back to a better place. One thing led to another and my dog and I got kicked out of the room I was renting. With rental prices on the rise, it was near impossible to find an affordable place that would allow pets. So I moved to Hayward with my Aunt and Uncle. I had recently quit my job as well, so I was unemployed. I could feel myself spiraling.

My uncle had recently started woodworking, building farm tables with reclaimed wood for people in the bay area. With cabin fever setting in, and no job in sight I started helping him in the shop. My previous jobs were fashion related, so I had zero experience building. But as he taught me the basics, it came naturally to me and I started to fall in love with it. Working with my hands and using creativity I never knew I had was the perfect outlet. Fast forward to today, and we've built a successful business, we love what we do everyday, and we've built an unbreakable bond along the way. 

It's been about 4 years now since my Dad passed, and ever since the day it happened, there hasn't been a single second that my Aunt and Uncle haven't been there for me. They let me live with them when I had no where else to go. They helped me discover things about myself I never knew and talents that I never knew I had. They took me under their wings, they got me back on my feet, and they brought me back to life. 

I stumbled upon Giving Keys earlier this year and instantly loved it. This year for Christmas I decided it would be the perfect way to end a year thats been particularly tough for all of us, and begin a new year with love and positivity.
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