The Faith of the People was so Amazing

I purchased two bracelets - LOVE and FAITH - Both of which I was searching for. I went on my first Mission Trip after Christmas to Guatemala. The poverty and destitution I witnessed was heartbreaking, yet the Faith of the people was so amazing. I met a young woman Dulia who lived at the facility (Hope of Life) that we were staying. She was an interpreter for us for the week and she was a wonderful person. We talked about faith and her struggles in living there with so few opportunities. I gave her my FAITH bracelet as reminder to look to him for the answers and he will always provide. I look forward to hearing more from her on her path of faith. That week really strengthened me.

As for the LOVE bracelet - we had a teenager with us on our trip. For a 17 year old, she had been through more "tough times" than I ever had. She hung out with the wrong crowd, started drinking, doing drugs, self-harming... We didn't know any of this until we were in a daily debrief in Guatemala and it all came out. I was just looking for Love in my life (God, myself, my children) but she NEEDED to Love herself, to be ok with the person she was and who she could be. I gave her my LOVE bracelet later that evening and told her to look at it when ever she doubted her worth; to always love herself as worthy and amazing.