That Person is Her

A few months ago, my older sister saw my Love key and asked me, like many others, if it was my house key. I shared with her the concept of The Giving Keys, and how when the time is right, that I would pass the key onward to someone who needs the word more than myself. Today, I think that person is her.

I want my sister to know that even though we have just experienced the most difficult patch in our relationship, that I love her. Over the past few weeks, I have learned more about myself, and about her than I expected or wanted to know. Through it all, I realized that being distanced hurt so badly - because our love for each other is deep, and because our long-established roots run wide.

But the Love I’m passing on today is not my Love. My Love is limited. And imperfect. And selfish. My Love is deep and flavorful and real, but it is human. It’s flawed. It’s noisy.

The Love I ask her to receive is from the source Himself. I hope that today she will breathe in, experience, and be completely wrapped up in the Father’s Love. I pray that she will always remember her true identity in Christ and the importance of her sweet first Love. And, that she would be rooted and established in Love so that she can confidently weather the storms of life in any season.

Remembering that Love made me realize that reconciliation is bigger than me. So today, I’m reaffirming my love for my very best friend. Happy wedding day hunnie!