Transportation for the Soul

I don't know where to start really other than to say this is the most meaningful thing I have ever experienced besides giving birth to my son. Salt served with my son in the military and she saved his life. Not while they were on active duty but as civilians.

My son was injured protecting this country and over 60% of his body was burned. He no longer looks like we remember and seemed to take on a different personality. One of deep depression, insecurity, and embarrassment. Instead of being a proud veteran he hid from the world.

While working the crisis line he miraculously reached Salt on a call for help. She talked to him for nearly two hours before they recognized each other. It was destiny. She changed his perspective and he found his pride that night. It was a long conversation.

They decided to reunite but he was so nervous as his physical appearance was much different. He hadn't even taken a picture since his return, so he had no way of preparing Salt for what he called the "gruesome" thing she would soon see.

Fast forward a few months to their meeting. He was so nervous but she immediately hugged him, touched his face, and never once saw his scars it seemed. I think she looked right past them. I know she was shocked but she never showed it.

Her kind spirit and Selfless soul inspired me so much I gave her the Selfless key later at another meeting.

She saved my sons life and I am forever grateful. He feels handsome again. He even asked to have his picture taken with her and I almost couldn't believe it. She respected and admired him for who he was, not how he looked.

It took a few motivational talks between the two of them over that year but he is finally starting to live and stop hiding. She told him the body is just transportation for the soul and he hung on to those words until he found the strength to believe it.

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