Be Brave

I am a prayer minister at my local church, Bethel in Redding CA. A young man approached me and wasn't interested in telling me what he needed prayer for, he simply wanted me to pray. So I started prayer and heard the Lord tell me he has cancer all through his body and that he won't die. Be Brave. So I said those words to him as I prayed. When I did, the young man folded into a puddle and began to cry. I hugged him and cried too.

Battling cancer can be scary and by his response I could tell I heard the Lord clearly. As we wept I realized that day I drove back home when on my way to church with my family to grab my giving key that says Brave. It looked great with my outfit--so I thought. I proceeded to place the necklace on this young man and when I did he lifted his hands up and came into agreement that he will not die and chooses to be Brave, then grabbed the key tight and kissed it.

It was one of those moments in time that has marked my life forever and I am grateful The Giving Keys made it all the more special.

Bless you & your ministry of generosity to the world.

I got two new necklaces from y'all today for Christmas, courtesy of my husband. One says warrior and the other, says hope. I'm anticipating great things for where they will end up.

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