I Promise

I grew up never really having a close relationship with my dad. He was an addict and was never really around. I was the happiest child you could imagine, but when I grew up I realized how much not being close with my dad really affected me.

I used to get jealous when people told me stories and talked about their dad. In 5th grade things went downhill. My dad got in legal trouble again and this time it was very serious. Knowing he was going to be away for a while really hit me hard. I started feeling lonely - I felt like no one loved me and no one was on my side.

Seventh grade came around and he went away again. Transitioning into middle school and losing my dad at the same time was very hard. I became depressed and suffered from really bad anxiety. The feelings of loneliness took over, and I began to self inflict injuries upon myself. From this moment on, my life would never be the same.

The injuries got worse, at that time I knew it needed to stop. My friend invited me to her church one Sunday, where I instantly felt loved and cared about. Two years later I am now helping and benefiting myself. Going from thoughts of wanting to end my life, to thanking God everyday for the gift of life is a huge part of my story.

When I heard about the Giving Keys, I know I wanted to share my story to tell the world that it does get better. No matter what you're feeling right now won't be permanent. It will get better. I promise. My parents gave me my key which says "FAITH". It's one of the best things I have ever received. My name is Victoria, and this is my story.

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