The Other Door

Our family received a Faithbox for Christmas this year. We received a Faith necklace in the box. After just a few days, I knew that I wanted to pay it forward with the necklace.

I have enjoyed the blessing of being raised in the same church and attending it all of my married life. A hippie minister came to serve our parish in 1975, complete with wire frame glasses and a VW van --- to Northeast Montana! The ultimate in cowboy country, conservative America welcomed him with open arms.

I was in junior high at the time and loved attending youth group, singing John Denver songs to his guitar. He continued to serve our parish through my marriage, difficulties in childbearing, adoption of our two children, baptized my children, buried my father, led my children in song at youth group, confirmed my children, etc. He provided my family and particularly me with the gift of Faith in Christ, God and religion with tolerance for all, love for the world, its people, its environment and liberal Christian values (a rarity in today's world).

He retires this Sunday after forty years of service to our parish. I intend to give him this key along with my sincere appreciation for his lifetime of service. He gave me Faith and I intend to share my Faith with him. While one has faith, one door might close, it is the other door that bursts open with possibility.

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