I met my friend Teresa when we were both hired as patient advocates at a brand new hospital in the NE Georgia Mountains almost a year ago. I had just moved to the area and didn't have many friends. Once we started in our new positions we didn't have many patients at the new facility so myself and Teresa were able to sit and chat.

As we were talking one day she told me the story of how she adopted her daughter and as she talked I noticed her eyes glisten (her eyes are sapphire blue-so you can imagine) with tears and I thought, "this lady has something special about her." As the months went on and we talked more and more I just saw how God had brought me this amazing person into my life and how he had answered my prayers for a friend. We have laughed so much and she has just touched my heart in such a wonderful way.

Everyday she has encouraged me to go for my dreams and that I could do anything. She is an absolute treasure to me. It is my last day of work today and as I considered which key and word to pass on, so many of them described Teresa and what she meant in my life. But I choose the word "Dream" because above all else she encourages me everyday to live my life to the fullest and to dream big.