The Life We Live

I went into the store looking for a Giving Key with the word Courage. My favorite Disney movie growing up was Cinderella, and I feel in love with the quote "Have Courage and Be Kind". I felt disappointing when they didn't have the word Courage, but I found and picked up a dainty key with the word Hope on it.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I fell to my knees crying out to God. I needed to know that God had a plan in my life & that I was put on this earth to serve a purpose & serve our God. I had a wake up call.

On Dec 27th one of my long time best friends sent me a text late that night with terrifying news - that her brother and a friend went missing on a hunting trip and she asked that I pray for Craig. I immediately sat in the floor of my apartment where I had cried out to the lord weeks before a prayed that they find Craig and his friend.

For a week the search went on and that week I began reading the bible more, talking to the lord more often and felt inspired by Jenna's family. They showed their Faith & Strength, carrying them through such tragedy. When I bought the giving key that word "Hope" had been a word I prayed & used a lot talking to God about Craig being found. He is now watching over his wife, family, & friends.

On Jan 12th the family held a memorial service to celebrate the wonderful life of Craig. After the beautiful service it was my time to give the necklace to my friend Jenna. I had embraced the word for a couple of weeks & it allowed me to have HOPE in my life that I was called to make a difference. Throughout the memorial service for Craig they said "Hope" countless times. I passed the Giving Key on to Jenna who could now embrace the word for herself & have Hope that the life we live on this earth is just temporary and that the only thing we can take with us to heaven is relationships. I cherish my friendship with her and feel blessed to use this key in such an inspiring way.

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