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True Picture

I have been living with ovarian cancer for six years now. This past fall, I developed major complications from this disease. My daughter, my husband and all my family were and continue to be incredibly supportive through this major ordeal.

I received my Giving Key Hope from a very good friend of my daughter's. She is the closest thing to a second daughter to me and she chose a key of Hope. Hope is one of the few things that gives us the strength to carry on through adversity, even when you have an incurable disease.

I chose to pass along my key of Hope to my friend. Her son suffers from a mental illness and her faith and Hope in his ability to recover is a true picture of Hope. He has been ill for at least as long as I have, and my friend's faith and patience are astounding. I hope she wears her key as a demonstration of the Hope she practices each and every day.

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