Her Worth

Faith. This word scared me at first. How do you accomplish Faith? How do you feel so secure in your Faith to pass your story on and give your key to someone else?

I got my key about a year ago. I had no expectation of actually giving it away because let's face it, they are super cute as well as inspiring. As the year went on, my heart began to change. My faith was challenged quite a bit. I faced a lot of times where I did not know where to turn. When I looked down, the necklace reminded me to pray, to not lose hope, to use every opportunity to grow in my Faith.

When I bought the necklace at a charity store near my house, I had no clue that it would end up taking me deeper in my faith and help me through the darkest of times. This key helped me through more than I expected and I felt called to pass it on.

Yesterday, I mailed my key to one of my friends who has faced a tough year and recently moved to a new state. I know she will take good care of this necklace that helped shape me, and I am hoping and praying she is reminded of her worth everyday when she looks down and sees the word Faith on her necklace.