Harry Styles and The Story of His Truth Key – The Giving Keys


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August 08, 2013

Harry Styles and The Story of His Truth Key

Back in March, I was in California and stumbled upon the cutest key that said Truth on it and fell in love with it and the whole idea of the Giving Keys. I wore it nonstop until the unforgettable day of August 2nd. That was the day I met One Direction in Las Vegas. I decided a while back that I wanted to pay my key forward to Harry Styles. At the meet and greet, I went up to Harry and said "This is a very special necklace to me," and I explained the story behind it. He took the key from me and fiddled and examined it while replying, "Wow, thank you so much!" As crazy as it sounds, it was a completely genuine thank you. Crazy enough, 3 days later I saw pictures of him wearing it. It's safe to say I hyperventilate a little bit. This was by far the best experience of my life.





  • Hey Sarah :) if u ever stumble upon this…i want you to know that was very sweet of you. Thank you for making him a little bit happier and i’m sure your gesture brightened his day. Have a good day! :)

    Ioana Smeu on

  • What key is that? I would really like to get one for me and my friends because our best friend died a couple months ago. I like the key, but in going to put ‘Strength’ on it instead. Which key is this?

    Jillian Ketchen on

  • It’s not about Larry Stylinson. I don’t believe any of that. It’s just about Haryy as a person, and who he really is and how he acts. (Which is lovely, by the way :) )

    Sarah Kaplan on

  • Wow, this is really nice ! And you must be really happy that he’s wearing it !! :D
    But I was wondering, this whole thing about truth, is it about Larry Stylinson ? Or just, you know, being himself in front of the media.. ?

    Bertille on

  • That is amazing! What a lovely gift from a lovely person for a lovely person! Well Done:))

    Kristen on

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