In His Pocket

This is a story of the miraculous strength one person can possess.

My uncle was diagnosed with colon cancer years ago and beat it. A few years ago, it came back. He fought so hard for it to go away the first time and we couldn't believe it came back. But he had more fight in him. My sister purchased the giving key with the word "strength" engraved on it for me.

When my uncle was going through his chemo and doctors appointments, I knew he couldn't wear the key for himself but I wanted to give it to him. Instead of giving it to him...I wore it for him. I wore it for over a year and everyday I put it around my neck and thought about his strength.

His strength was something I have never seen and will never see again in my lifetime. He fought every single day and it was his strength that was so miraculous. He was such a beautiful soul, caring and loving to all of his family and friends. Everyday I think of the strength he possessed and it still is unbelievable to me.

He passed away this past September. It was one of the hardest days of our lives. People always say that people fight cancer but lose to it...he fought and fought and in my eyes, he didn't lose. His fight was so strong, I can't associate it with a "loss." I slipped the giving key in his pocket before we went to the cemetery.

I wanted his strength to always be with him.

I will miss him and his strength everyday.