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Faith Will Bring Her Forward

I purchased a Faith key for myself after struggling with mine for years and needed additional support as I made a leap for my future plan.

I had my key for a few years, and then gifted it to a homeless woman who was struggling deeply with prostitution. She is a survivor, and I believe in her strength despite her inability to embrace it. She cried when I gave it to her and for weeks when I would see her, she would proudly show it off and tell me what a difference it had been making for her. Fast forward a few months and though it's confirmed she has fallen back into the struggle, I know her Faith will bring her forward.

My husband knowing my Giving Key story, gave me the Courage key in hopes of me embracing my own professional Courage. I do not need to compromise myself and my core values for anyone. I look forward to reaching my goal and then finding someone who needs it more.

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