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Pink Hat on The Left

Pink Hat on The Left

I had only met my wonderful friend twice before he sent me "inspire" and "believe" keys in the mail last. He sent them because I told them about my sister. She is the grey haired beauty on the right. I am wearing the pink hat on the left. I wore a pink hat on her wedding day 25 years ago, so for her 25th anniversary party last summer, I did it again.

The party had a lot more meaning for all of us-- we weren't just celebrating her and her husband's 25 years together. We were celebrating my remarkable amazing rock star sister and her courage. She has been described as a warrior. Last February Andrea was diagnosed with Stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. In March, after she woke up and (I mean wide awake!) from a 14 hour surgery, she said "can I go home now?"

That amazing attitude, has not only sustained her, it has sustained all of us. Her positive energy and outlook are everything to her health. I know she is going to make it, because she says she is! And we believe her. Tonight I am going to give her the "inspire" key because she inspires me and everyone around her everyday.

I am going to keep the "believe" key for just a little while, to remind me to "believe" Andrea will be just fine. But then I am going to give it to my friend Eileen whose daughter has Hodgkin's. She needs it more than I do. She needs to believe that her baby girl will be ok.

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