Every Day

Three years ago my friend gave me a Giving Key with the word Courage on it when I began treatment for anorexia.

Courage was exactly what I needed to leave college, move back home and start treatment. Courage got me to recovery. Courage got me through college. Courage got me through the transition of moving to a new city and starting my first big girl job. And for a second time, Courage brought me back to treatment for my eating disorder.

Ever since the day I got my key I prayed that God would show me who needed this Courage when the time came to give my key away. When I went back into treatment I met a precious teenage girl. This girl had to go through things that no teenager should ever have to face. This girl had the courage to show up for treatment every day and eat when everything inside her was screaming no. This girl had to face her demons day after day. This girl had the Courage to speak up in groups with people twice her age and everything she said was so encouraging.

After three years of desperately seeking Courage, I decided that for the first time I had met someone who needed the key more than myself. Today I gave my key away, and saw the girl's face light up when she opened it. Thank you The Giving Keys for filling my life with Courage and allowing me to pass on the gift.