Fearless in Faith

I bought my "fearless" giving key at this year's Catalyst Conference in Dallas with my dear friend Morgan in mind. She is following God's leading to the Dominican Republic where she will serve as a teacher. As someone who cherishes her family and loves living in the same town as them, this is a very bold move, one that has required much courage and trust in the Lord. I know that through Christ, Morgan can be fearless.

Every day from the Catalyst Conference, until the day I gave Morgan the key, I wore it myself. It was such a wonderful conversation starter. Most people asked if it was the key to my heart :) and I was able to share about The Giving Keys and its awesome mission. It also gave me opportunities to share about what Morgan is doing. This "fearless" key reminds me that with God on our side, we can be fearless. He enables us to do crazy things and follow Him on adventures that may lead us where we least expect.

For Morgan, the fearless key will hopefully remind her that she's not alone. She knows God has led her to the Dominican Republic, and being a faithful disciple of His, she's following faithfully. That is fearless.