I wrote "Inizio" on my key - it means "to start over" in Italian. I had been thinking about who I wanted to give it to and Jim, a grocery clerk at my local organic grocery store kept coming to mind. I didn't know him well but we always talked during my weekly shopping excursions and something about him resonated with me in a way that made me think he could use the Giving Key.

I asked him if he wore jewelry and he said "no" but that he was curious to know why. So I went to my car, not sure if it would even fit, but brought back the key. It fit him and he wanted to have it. His big smile made my day.

He still wears it and it's been about 6 months. The ironic thing is the day I gave him the key he was writing an e-mail to a girl with the my same name, "Lynette." She was going through a rough time and he was trying to decide if he should send her some money. Well, I gave him the key and he gave her some money.

A few weeks after that Joe shared that the reason he was at at the grocery store and in this particular city was because he was starting over from a recent incarceration and past heroin addiction. He really appreciated the key and I appreciate my new friend.

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