The Worst Day

August 14th 2015 was the worst day of my life. It's the day my husband's body was found after two days of him missing. It was the day I became a widow and a single mother to two small children who couldn't possibly understand why Daddy wasn't going to come home.

I had two amazing friends who sat by my side during what seemed like an endless search. When the news came, my friend Jen woke me up from the first sleep I had since he disappeared. I'll never forget the out of body experience of walking down my stairs without falling and then the denial and waiting for the police to arrive.

Part of me died that day. Yet my friends stayed by my side and helped plan the funeral and play with my kids as I tried to pick up the pieces.

A few weeks later Jen came to me with a Giving Key and explained the beautiful meaning behind it and that her sister had given it to her when she needed Strength. I wear it nearly every day along with my husband's wedding band. One day when I discover my inner strength again I'll pass it on to someone else. Thank you for this project - words truly do have power.

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