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My Rescuer

In the Summer of 2015 I was really struggling with healing from the sexual abuse that I experienced as a child. As a little girl, I longed to be rescued from all that I was facing. As I got older I learned about a God that was my Rescuer- my Hero.

I purchased a Giving Key that had the word "Rescued" on it. I had no intentions of giving it away, but then I met April. April is a wife, a mom, a daughter, and most of all an Overcomer.

Like me, she experienced childhood sexual abuse. While I looked to God for healing, she looked to drugs for healing. She wrestled with and overcame an addiction to heroin.

When I heard her story, I knew that I needed to give her my most favorite necklace. In August, I lost a cousin that I loved so much to a heroin overdose and I don't want anybody in April's family to experience that. April has been sober for four and a half years and my prayer is that this necklace reminds her that she too has been Rescued.


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