Meant To Be

I got my first key "Breathe" back in Christmas of 2015. The person who gave it to me was my 10th grade English teacher. Back when she was my teacher we butted heads a lot because of the person I used to be.

When I was kid my childhood wasn't much a childhood. I grew up too fast because of the circumstances I was in. My parents were never around - that type of thing. Opening up to my teacher was a weight off my shoulders.

I told her so many stories I had wished I could tell someone, and she listened through all of it. She always used to tell me to breathe a little more and to worry a little less. That eventually things would work out for the better. She made such an impact in my life and til this day she listens to me and cares for me in such a way that seems like she is family.

She gave me a key with the word "Breathe" because she felt that that's exactly what I have to do. Just take a breath and don't freak out so much and everything will be fine. It's a reminder to myself that I have to not control everything and just let things work themselves out the way they're meant to be - not how I want to be.