Love and Believe

I received my Believe key from my dear friend Nancy.

Let me rewind...

My son Stephen passed away, unexpectedly, in October of 2014. His best friend DJ, and DJ's family were a second, loving home to Stephen. I had not met DJ's mom, Nancy, until after Stephen died. We became good friends instantly. Every time Nancy and I met, I always would say how I believed in Stephen, how I told Stephen I believed in him. He had some rough times, but I continued to love and believe in him.

I am not mad at God for taking Stephen to soon. I talk to Stephen, and Nancy and I tell him I believe I will see, talk, hug him again. Stephen had his purpose here on earth and he did such a great job that he completed it early, and is now in Heaven with God, his grandparents, baby Joseph, and friends.

I wear my Giving Key necklace daily and never take it off - it gets me through.
Thank you Nancy, you wonderful, compassionate, caring friend . I am so grateful Stephen brought us together and that you helped me Believe.