The Freedom to Be

My "Let Go" key came to me at breakfast, when a friend heard me utter the words about a family member who routinely breaks my heart by not "seeing me."

I am a fully seasoned woman, yet I'm still trying to get my Maternal Unit to see and accept me for who I am. It will never happen and that's okay. My key serves as my reminder that I have the freedom to continue on my journey, opening doors to places where people see my heart, know my intentions and feel the love I have to give. I got to pass my key on to my 20 year old daughter who spoke the same words about a friend whose emotional behavior baffles her, but she wants to hold onto the friendship and know that to do so, she must "Let Go." It is my hope that this key stays in the family, as a reminder to give the people we love the freedom they need to be who they are. This way we can continue to knock on their doors, be in their lives and "Let Go" of that we cannot control.