Living for the Moments

Yesterday I went to my friend's brother's funeral with the love of my life, (currently my ex) and three best friends. It was the hardest thing seeing my friend suffer, but his heartfelt eulogy sent the message that life is too short and we should all tell each other in the moment how much we care and love them.

This topic and the funeral hit home to my ex because of his estranged brother who at the present time is away for awhile. I saw him struggle with this day and I wanted to comfort him, so he knows I am here, not going anywhere and will love and support him no matter what. I cried because I felt his pain inside of me. I have never felt this feeling of undying love and feeling the pain of another. He is my soulmate. So long story short, I took off my key that reads "faith," because I want him to have a little faith in us, me, and the others around him.