I stumbled upon The Giving Keys a while back in January, and the whole concept is incredible! I've been wanting to get one but thought it was silly to get one for myself. I'd rather give than receive so I decided to get one for my best friend, Sarah. Sarah and I grew up together and have been living together for the past eight months.

Our friendship has grown so much in the past few years in the way that we can stay up for hours talking about everything and anything while simultaneously laughing too hard it hurts. But now, we are about to embark on a new chapter in our lives and are going our separate ways. One is going east and the other south to a foreign country.

I chose the word "Infinite." Infinite, as I'm sure many of you know, means immeasurably great and having no ends or limits. That, to me, describes my best friend. I look up to how much she has already accomplished and admire her desire to keep going to fulfill all her dreams. I know that at times things won't always be peachy but that's where I hope that this key could help a little on my part. Whatever obstacle life throws at her, I hope she can look down at her key and remember how infinite she is and will be able to overcome it all. Because Sarah, you are infinite! Don't you forget it, sis. (: It will never be good-bye for us. It's, "I'll see you later!" 


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