An Everlasting Love

I took off my giving key for the first time today, and here's why:

I met my husband Charlie when we were 5 years old and we played on the same T-ball team. He used to stick his gum in my hair. We started dating when we were 13, and we married in August 2009 when we were both 19. I worked full time at a vet clinic and Charlie was a volunteer firefighter. Some people said we were too young and that it would never work... but we were in love.

In his wedding vows he said "each and every day I will show you how much I love you," he kept his word. I felt more loved each and every day I was with him. He would tell me that he couldn't possibly love me more than he already does... until I got pregnant in May of 2012. Even with my bulging belly and swollen ankles he said his love for me grew twice as strong. On December 23rd, we received the best early Christmas present ever, TWINS! Our handsome baby boy Bronx and our beautiful girl Brooklyn made our family complete. While still in the hospital on Christmas day, Charlie brought me a necklace. It was a giving key with the word "love" engraved on it. The key really made me realize how thankful I was for two healthy babies, an amazing husband, and a life full of love.

Around the time that the twins were about 2 months old, Charlie was having a hard time holding them, and he felt sore after the lightest activities. We went to the doctor and that's when we received the horrible news. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells. He started treatment right away and still never stopped telling me how much he loved me.

In July 2013 he became so weak that he could no longer hold our babies, he couldn't walk, he could barely eat on his own... but we still had hope, and we still had love. On August 19th 2013, just days after our anniversary, we said our last goodbyes. He was my soul mate and I miss him more than I could ever explain but I am so happy that he is at peace and completely free of pain.

Today I planned on burying my "love" key with him, but I knew that he would want me to pass our eternal love along to our beautiful children. After my mom put Bronx and Brooklyn to bed tonight I snuck in and hung up the necklace between their cribs. They may grow up not remembering much about their father but every single day I will tell them how much he loved them.

I plan on buying giving keys for our children and friends and parents, so that they can one day share the same love that Charlie shared with them. I am so thankful for your beautiful company!

Love is the only thing that lasts forever.



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