Never Lose Faith

I received my giving key with the word FAITH engraved on it as a birthday gift from my parents earlier this summer. I loved the key itself, but I loved the mission of The Giving Keys even more. I wore it every day and was able to tell numerous people the awesome story behind it.

One Saturday, I reconnected with a friend from my old church. She was one of my best friends at one point in my life, but after a couple of years we lost contact with each other when we started going to different churches. Even though we didn't talk very much anymore, I knew that she was still one person I could always turn to regardless of how big or small the issue was. This woman has always been there for me whenever I needed her, and has always given me faith to press on through the journey of life. However, when we reconnected, she told me about a lot of the struggles she was having and it broke my heart to see her in such a downcast state.

That night, after we had already said our "see you later's" for the night, I went home and started praying for her immediately. It was then that I realized that she needed the FAITH key more than I did. The next day, I got the chance to see her again and I told her about The Giving Keys and how I was passing my FAITH key on to her. She was so grateful. I told her to never lose faith in herself, but more importantly, to never lose faith in God and she would make it through this. Today, that is my prayer for her still. I know that she is strong enough to get out of this situation and I pray that she keeps her faith in God knowing that He will deliver her.



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