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October 23, 2013

Growing Up, Growing Fearless

have spent much of my life battling fear, mostly fear of failing. I was always told what I could not do and I fought to prove everyone wrong.

Then I became an adult. I started to struggle to pay for school and provide solely for myself. I began to lose confidence in myself and started to believe the naysayers. I was doing some research on one of my favorite actors when I came across The Giving Keys. It was like divine intervention when I saw the word "Fearless" was available to be placed on a key. I lit up when my key arrived and it has been a reminder and confidence booster ever since.

I have been wanting to pass on my key and to work on encompassing another word on a new key, but I could never find the "right" moment or the "right" person... that is until today. I noticed the Paying it Forward campaign today, and was super excited to participate.

I did not know who to pass my key to when out of no where my nephew walks through the door. I instantly knew the key was meant for him. He just turned 17 and is entering that last step before becoming an adult. It is a scary time for him because he has endured a few struggles already in life. He reminds me of myself, trying to get ahead, but constantly being told he won't make it. I decided to be that voice of reason and encouragement. I know that he will make his dreams come true. I consider it a privilege to pass my key onto him, in hopes that he will be inspired to be fearless in all he does in life.





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