Per California's latest COVID-19 restrictions, we are required to pause our production and sales. As difficult as this is, we are staying hopeful we can resume production as soon as restrictions are lifted. Let’s keep in touch on Instagram at @thegivingkeys.

Sharing What We Have

Today, after many months of holding on to my key, I finally gave it away. I can only tell you that I prayed on the way to work (with my key around my neck) that I would find someone that needed reassurance, and that I would be able to participate in the Pay It Forward challenge. 

Not 30 minutes into my shift, in a moment of divinely inspired clarity, I was introduced to a person who needed my key's message at that very fragile moment. As I took off my necklace, I told her the story of The Giving Keys and how, at 9:22 pm, before I left for work, I had posted on my Facebook wall that I would be looking for my key's intended recipient, and in that moment I knew I was directed to give it to her. There were tears from all of us as I explained what this key and it's message symbolized to me. I encouraged her to hold on to it's message (LET IT BE) and her faith.

When I walked into her room later, I found her peacefully sleeping and the key in her hand. I am providing you this picture, with her permission (and all identifiers covered) in the hopes that it will inspire others to share. Even if you don't have a key, share a smile, a note, a coffee, a hug. It all makes... WE ALL make a difference. Can't wait to order another key. 



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