The Perfect Birthday Gift

What do you buy a 17 year old boy for his birthday?

I thought and thought (and prayed) about it. This particular 17 year old is not so typical though... yes he's a good student and an ever better athlete, but he also has a sense of awareness that most teenagers don't possess. He has an understanding of how blessed he is with everything God has given him.

Ever since he was young, he has wanted to help others and those less fortunate than himself. When I watch him on the playing field, he is the definition of a servant leader... carrying the water bottles for the equipment girls,or helping to carry an injured player off the field. God has blessed him with a serving heart and a magnetic personality that attracts people to him. Hopefully he'll use these God given qualities to influence the world around him.

So what did I buy this 17 year old boy for his birthday? An "Inspire" Giving Key, of course.