Giving Hope

A friend gave me my first key over a year ago. She gave it to me at a time when I had no "hope" and my life seemed out of control. I hung on to that key as a life line that one day indeed I would meet someone who needed "hope" more than me. 

I became part of a group that raises awareness about childhood cancer. The girl who asked me to join their crusade lost a child to cancer and now battles for her son. How could anything I'd gone through compare? I went to the silent auction which is their highlight of the year and at the end I inwardly struggled with whether I was ready to give away my "hope." I looked into her eyes and reached automatically for my necklace. I placed it around her neck and awkwardly tried to tell her what my Giving Key was. As I left her with my "hope," I gave up the things that had stolen my hope by giving a part of myself to a group dedicated to giving hope to do others. I know she will pass along hope to many others!