Braving the Difficulties

I got my key at the end of July. I chose the word "Brave" because I was going through a rough time in my personal relationships and facing difficulties trying to find a job after college. Once I got my key, I wore it everyday and when I despaired, the reminder to be brave and get through it was right there on my finger.

Amidst my rough patch, one of my best friends was also going through a hard time in college. She was experiencing ups and downs that were so similar to what I went through in my college experience. Even though we were both in a bad place, we constantly encouraged each other. 

A week ago, things started looking up and I landed a job - one hurdle jumped! As much as I felt like I needed to hang on to my key until I fully adapted to the new job, I knew my friend needed it. I put it in the mail to send to her all the way in South Africa.

No words can describe how much just having a positive word as a reminder can turn your world around.