A Daily Reminder of Faith

A friend shared with me that she had lost her car keys. Her eyes sparkled with the tips of tears starting to show themselves. She continued by sharing that her father passed away a year ago, and he usually helped her with car troubles. The ache went deeper than the absence of a metal key. She has been brave, staring vulnerability in the face for the past year. She has had unwavering faith that God will provide for her needs; and faith that friends will support her as she leans into grief and moves towards healing. I was moved by the fierce faith and joy she has had amidst a season of such hurt. I immediately reached for my Giving Key, rubbed my fingers along the letters, and knew it was time for someone else to be the bearer. I placed the key around her neck to be a daily reminder of faith that her car key will be found, and faith for continued hope and joy in the days to come!