A Messenger

I ordered my first Giving Key about a year ago. I used a custom word – God 1st – because I felt I needed to focus more on a relationship with God. A few weeks ago, a dear friend of mine of 18 years suddenly committed suicide. A couple days after it happened, I stopped by her family's house to give my condolences. I ended up sitting and talking with her younger sister for hours, who is 19. I honestly forgot about The Giving Key I was wearing until I became overwhelmed with a feeling of somehow helping. I remembered my key; I figured maybe it could help her during a tough time. Later I found out from her mom that the sister I had given the necklace to had recently struggled with her faith right before her sister died, and she was trying to seek and grow with God again. Me giving her the necklace served as a sign to them. It made me feel awesome that I could be a messenger from God and deliver the message that He is always there. I will be purchasing another Giving Key sometime soon, and hope to pay-it-forward to someone who also truly needs it in time of heartbreak or guidance.